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Believe in people and they’ll rise to the challenge

Drawing on 35 years of leadership and military leadership, often in high-risk situations where failure was not an option, my journey has been one of overcoming and becoming – overcoming impossible odds to achieve my goals, and becoming a ‘somebody’ who could truly benefit others. 


For me, that’s what leadership is. Not commanding, dictating or pointing fingers, but being the kind of person that others want to come alongside, commit to, and elevate for. And do so because they trust that you believe in them and have faith in their limitless potential. 


Today, I help others see that leadership is not a rank that you achieve. It's an approach to life that you adopt – one that starts with understanding that it's not about you at all, but about freeing the potential of those around you. By sharing my journey, I empower audiences and coaching clients alike to shift their perspectives, embrace their personal power, and inspire others to brilliance.


The sky's the limit for what we can achieve together.

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"Over 3 decades developing tomorrow’s leaders
is what I do and what I stand for"

Coming from an aviation and military background I have coached, trained and mentored hundreds of leaders and emerging leaders. I will help you bring your and your team's freedom to potential through inspirational keynotes and professional leadership coaching.