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Helicopter Cockpit

Dr. Larry Gilliam,
Director of Dayspring Counseling

Randy, you may not remember that we met about 4 years ago? You may not realize it but I have watched you from a distance for 4 years and I want your coaching to be a part of this international initiative. Also, if you are open to it, I would like you to do coaching through the Training and Development arm of Dayspring, not to replace what you are already doing, but in addition to it.

Gene Trousil, Sr. Executive, speaking to managerial team One Networks

Randy is excellent at facilitating this Coaching Skills for Performance program and I ask you to put your preconceptions aside and keep an open mind. You will find much value as we did. I arrived Tuesday morning very closed-minded but I was all-in within 30 minutes; not because of what Randy told our executive team, but because of the questions he asked. 

Jeff Wendt, Logistics Professor at University of North Texas – Dallas

My experience with Randy and Coaching for Relevance has been instrumental in my recent career change.  Randy and his methods not only gave me the tools I needed to accomplish these required skills but also made me feel relevant again in my career. My experience with Randy has been nothing short of fantastic and I would recommend him to anyone looking to find direction and purpose in their careers and their lives

Understanding the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW


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Coaching for Relevance partners together with Innermetrix, a top worldwide company, utilizing the best and most consistent assessments in the world. These Assessments are confidential and the most user friendly assessments available. Together, they are very successful in enhancing one’s understanding of WHAT is the central aspect that drives the behavior, the “WHY” that motivates the behavior and “HOW” the behavior is displayed.

Training and supervision for coaches


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As a certified Coach Supervisor (CLC-S)/Advanced Trainer, I am passionate about developing other coaches, mentors and educators as well as leaders.  I help instructors achieve better results by developing facilitative and coaching tools to enhance their classroom or practical instruction.  I've also develop other coaches by helping them with tools that enhance the ability to draw out from the “client” the solutions that are hidden but already present in the client.

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Coaching For Relevance

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