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to all those that cross our path to see with new eyes, soar above the storms and see their Horizons.
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Randy Swaim- 1st Session July 29 - My JoRandy Swaim
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I'm Randy Swaim. 

Freeing Potential in All Those That Cross My Path,

and Developing Today’s Youth Into Tomorrow’s Leaders

is what I do and what I stand for.

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Randy Swaim on Podcast Business News NetworkRandy Swaim
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Dr. Larry Gilliam, Director of Dayspring Counseling

Randy, you may not remember that we met about 4 years ago? You may not realize it but I have watched you from a distance for 4 years and I want your coaching to be a part of this international initiative. Also, if you are open to it, I would like you to do coaching through the Training and Development arm of Dayspring, not to replace what you are already doing, but in addition to it.

Gene Trousil, Senior Executive, speaking to managerial team One Networks

I ask you to remain open minded. Randy is excellent at facilitating this Coaching Skills for Performance program and I ask you to put your preconceptions aside and keep an open mind. You will find much value as we did. I arrived Tuesday morning very closed-minded but I was all-in within 30 minutes; not because of what Randy told our executive team, but because of the questions he asked. This will be a very valuable 2 days for you as it was for us.

Jeff Wendt, Logistics Professor at University of North Texas – Dallas

My experience with Randy and Coaching for Relevance has been instrumental in my recent career change. For over 30 years I worked in the distribution and logistics industry and I achieved some moderate levels of success and felt comfortable in my abilities. In 2011 I was given an opportunity to get into academics. I had spent the last 10 years building on my experience and education in order to eventually turn to teaching in my later years. The two things I was missing though were my ability to speak comfortably in public and the necessity in coaching and mentoring students. Randy and his methods not only gave me the tools I needed to accomplish these required skills but also made me feel relevant again in my career. My experience with Randy has been nothing short of fantastic and I would recommend him to anyone looking to find direction and purpose in their careers and their lives


It has been said that “no person is an island.” In today’s interconnected world, few leaders or organizations have succeeded without teamwork or collaboration. It is through these strategic partners and organizations that Coaching for Relevance has built a mutual trust through collaboration. Together, we have grown and continue to succeed.


I help you soar above the turbulence in your environment to change your perspective and reveal unexpected solutions.


My clients are empowered to utilize their industry expertise more efficiently and effectively remove the “drag” on their organization’s efforts.  I join our clients in their world to achieve radical results that are relevant to their industry and sustainable for their operations.

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