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Rising Stars

Rising Stars™ is an innovative and unique development process that works from the inside out by focusing on four critical elements that promote personal leadership, healthy behaviors, and the skills employers identify as essential. These elements are about developing:

1. Positive Attitudes
2. Interpersonal Skills
3. Goal-Achievement Skills
4. Time-Management Skills

As teenagers look forward to the future, they will undoubtedly experience challenges that are above and beyond anything that Baby Boomers had to contend with.  This is due to several factors, including the influence of technology and the globalization of many markets.

Most students are taught to focus on their GPA – which is important; however, they must realize that it may just get them in the door.  One student I’ve met quickly discovered what a good GPA really offered when he first entered the workplace… “Everyone who is competing for the position you want has a similar grade point average, or one of you would not have been invited to the interview.”

The ability to do more with less, envision the solutions that no one else can, and lead with excellent interpersonal skills are critical qualities often missing from many business students.  In order to succeed in the future, it is imperative that today’s youth are able to differentiate themselves from their competition, and these skills have to be developed in intensive ways.

Over the years, I have had several friends marvel over how teenagers readily interact with me. I treat these teens like “thinking peers” to be mentored rather than “problems” to be controlled. I also listen to them, which is key, and it allows me to connect and get to know who they are.

While the future for today’s teens is incredibly challenging, teens can plan and prepare for future success and exceed their dreams and expectations.

– Randy Swaim, President Coaching for Relevance, LLC 


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