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Rising Stars: One Critical Aspect Requiring a Coaching Perspective for Rising Stars!

For this blog, I will highlight that while a coaching approach is important to developing Rising Stars, there is a critical aspect where coaching is required. In this situation, just telling them what to do or what to think is insufficient.

To begin, let me point out the aspect which is key when you consider not only Psychology but also knowledge of and awareness of Neuroscience.

I will simply introduce one point to initiate the basic insight which comes from a posting on social media by NH – Natural High and it was posted as an article that focused on “Anxious Kids Need Unique Support”.

I will simply offer one aspect that evolved from an assessment and my highlight deals with “Anxiety Sensitivity”. One quote from the posting indicated that:

“Psychologists over 30 years ago classified a type of person who is especially prone to anxiety as having…. ANXIETY SENSITIVITY!”

They defined Anxiety Sensitivity as:

“Someone with this type is a person who has stressful physical sensations and worries about anxious feelings!”

Those that understand Neuroscience realize that it must be truly understood that when a Rising Star is dealing with such, just telling them what to do or telling them what to think is not sufficient. So often parents or other people often want to just get past this little challenge, but this is highly insufficient.

These challenges can be an opportunity to develop the Rising Star beyond the challenge so they can grow to overcome future similar challenges. Just telling them something to get through it does not get anyone where they need to be.

A coaching approach is what helps them begin thinking and processing to be able to be successful and feel confident during the challenge. Developing their ability to process and make decisions to overcome the challenge and not be defeated by emotional sensations. They need to avoid the fear or sense of shame. They need to develop and learn to gain a sense of how they will “override their sense of impending doom”.

A coaching approach where you are asking great questions to help them think about and clarify what is needed to overcome the risk is critical. Also, when you are there and are interacting with a coaching approach, they feel a sense of bond and, as it is even with adults, they feel a sense that they are not alone, and they feel that they are safe with us.

You may possibly remember that in a previous blog, I mentioned that my non-biological grandson called me and want to ask me something and to make it short, he said that he held his 4 years old daughter (my great granddaughter) and he held her for 2 hours one afternoon while she cried and asked why an abusive family member did not love her and thankfully this member no longer lived with them anymore. I asked him what he did, and he said:

“I didn’t say anything, but I just held her because I did not know what to do”

I told him:

“You did exactly the right thing because you did not bad-mouth anyone but even more important, you helped your daughter experience that she did not have to go through these events alone!”

That was several years ago, and this little lady has become an amazing developing young lady who now believes in life and her destiny.

She has leadership from deep within and it is evidenced all the time. Let me bring this into landing with one short quote from the posting:

“Intervention studies have shown that students who are more aware

of their risk factors…..make Wiser Choices!”

- Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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