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Truly Making Your Rising Stars Experience Your Belief in Them Even in a Hard Moment.

For this simple blog, I want to address a key question in dealing with your Rising Stars I will bring an applicable picture.

I will simply ask you that even in those times where you must correct them or perhaps even discipline them, how must you make them still experience that you believe in them for sure.

Let me offer an example from my journey and it really deals with a young adult Rising Star. The example is realistic and applicable to Rising Stars of any age. It is an example of a time where I was conducting a Jet Practical Test for this young pilot seeking his first jet qualification. I was his examiner and his fellow pilot who was also being evaluated was a very experienced older pilot. On a Practical Test, every maneuver must fully meet Satisfactory Standards.

Well on his first “Single Engine Precision Approach”, he was Unsatisfactory and violated satisfactory standards. When he heard this and knew he failed, you could tell even in his nonverbal body language how completely embarrassed and disappointed in himself he was. He was truly beating himself up and was completely embarrassed that he failed his first jet check ride. You could tell in his communication that he felt that he had failed his entire career.

We encouraged him and the other pilot told him that he had failed one check ride before earlier in his career. Well, when we got in the debrief room and I was handing him his “Notice of Disapproval”, I communicated to him and what I told him was….

You basically have the skills and yes you made a critical mistake but understand,

You Can Get There!”

I also verbally told him that

“Understand, I’ll fly with you any day!”

I then told him

“If your operator wants to call me, I will tell them that you have the skills you need but while a mistake was made, realize you have the commitment and the skills that will get you there and you will be valuable to the operation!

If you want your Chief Pilot to call me, feel free to tell him and that is exactly what I will communicate to them!”

I then challenged him to put Disappointment aside and step forward to the goal. When I gave him his recheck, he did fine, and I shook his hand and congratulated him.

After I communicated to him that I would fly with him on the debrief of the failure, I was reminded of the great line from the movie Top Gun which really pictures this truth. It is a great line and at the graduation, you remember the commander looked at Maverick (Tom Cruise) and said:

“Maverick, you will get your RIO when you get to your ship……

if you don’t; give me a call….I’LL FLY WITH YA!”

There was another pilot a couple of years prior that had failed, and the Operator Leadership team called me, and they were encouraged when I told them why and encouraged them that he showed he had the skills to get there.

So let me ask you simply a couple of questions for you to consider:

1. Even in times that are not as successful, how do you need to help your Rising Star truly experience your believe in them even if you have to correct them?

2. In communicating that belief, how do you need to enhance your clarity on how you need to change not only your words, but also your Nonverbal Communication and Body Language?-

Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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