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True & Clear Strategic Perseverance and Neuroscience for Success in Challenging Scenarios!

For this blog, I bring a very key insight for which a leader must be aware for true and ongoing success in an Unpredictable and Challenging VUCA (Variable, Uncertain, Changing & Adaptive) Scenario or Environment.  It offers a key aspect that is critical and points out the truth of how it is misapplied many times, and I will illustrate this distracting & dysfunctional aspect seen today and I will also apply the Functional Truth and the Neuroscience aspects for the functional application.  To begin, let’s highlight a key definition and a key aspect.  We will then touch on the application for success.

A Key Definition:

A central definition is the word PERSEVERE!  Looking at the original creating of the word, the definition comes from 2 parts which are Per…and…Severe! A key aspect from the original language is that Per means “to Go Through”.  Therefore, the truly original definition of the word as written is –

“To Go Through the Severe!”

Common Distracting and Dysfunctional Approach:

What many people today gravitate to is a dysfunctional approach which often becomes a very key Distraction.  This is characterized such that when challenging times or scenarios are on scene, many today simply try to employ “threatening or attack” modes such that someone simply wants the others to Shut Off Their Brains and capitulate to them.  In short, they seek to victimize those involved.  In doing this, the individual is making basic, superficial assumptions that are often not correct.

In a Neuroscience awareness, this is when they are simply driven by their Norepinephrine chemicals which are simply the “Fight or Flight” aspect and can totally throw aside the true vision, goal, and the radically successful possibilities.  When one applies this, their distraction often takes their vision off the key objective and simply focuses on trying to sort of win a battle often that is not aligned with the goal and mission.  A key aspect that is needed that is enhanced with Neuroscience is that one must have True Clarity aligned with True Situational Awareness, understanding the True Situation without focusing on simple and superficial, and distracting, assumptions.

One key problem is that when success does not happen, that person will simply cast blame on whatever to throw the blame off themselves.  A leader should avoid such a Dysfunctional approach.  So, let’s look at the value of challenging scenarios.

Value of the Challenging Scenarios:

Realize that in challenging scenarios, the factors that come on the scene can often bring on radical successful solutions that the leader or the team never saw at the beginning.  This happens when True Situational Awareness is applied, and this is done through the Brain’s Frontal Lobe which is the brain’s processing center.  When this is done, radical and amazing solutions can be applied that may not have been seen at the beginning.

The Realistic Approach:

Perseverance must step away from the Dysfunctional approach and the totally real vision of Perseverance is different.  When you and your team persevere, you move forward even though there seem to be challenges on the journey.  However, as your brain sees very true situational awareness, you may find that you adapt slightly to the right or left of your plan.  Sometimes this can be because that adaptive goal will align a real successful possibility, but it might also be that you found a less challenging path that you did not see before because it only came on the scene during your challenging journey.

Realize that Perseverance does not mean put it all aside.  It means keep the Synergy in your team and step forward even during the challenge and see how the Vision develops even better as you step forward.  However, during the Severe situation, you don’t just try to throw it aside or come up with excuses.  What you do is encourage you and your team and step forward during it and see how unexpected strategies and success can come on scene and happen.   The challenges can also help you and your team have a clear sense of how you must adapt and grow in ways you did not realize before.

Major Benefit of the Realistic Approach:

Many people forget or are not clear that walking through the Severe Challenges has a great value in that it truly develops you and your team to become much better than you were.  It grows your Situational Awareness and expands your true vision and Processing in your brain’s Frontal Lobe so that your success possibilities are much bigger and much broader, and your success is highly multiplied in you and your team.

So let me offer you a couple of questions for you to consider as the team leader:

  1. In what ways as a leader, do you need to set aside the unprofessional and dysfunctional approach and develop you and your team for radical and unexpected success?

  2. What do you as a leader need to envision & perform differently to get your team to The Mountaintop WITHOUT throwing your team’s growth & true development in the trash?

  3. How must you lead to success without throwing aside your team’s realistic opportunities for development & preparation for future unexpected success?

Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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