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Deliberate & Critical Neuroplasticity as a Leader in Your Decision Making!

For this blog, I want to bring a vital and key aspect of Situational Awareness for which a leader must be aware for success in an Unpredictable and Challenging VUCA (Variable, Uncertain, Changing & Adaptive) Scenario or Environment. Additionally, I will bring out a couple of the critical ways this can be successful or used in a bad way that does not lead to radical success. To begin, let’s bring out a couple of critical truths.

First, let’s introduce the evolving truth of Neuroplasticity. I have brought this insight many times in my career. The reader may remember in a previous blog that I pointed out that the Frontal Lobe of our brain is how our brain Processes, and the Cerebellum is our Habit Patterns. It is simply that when it needs to, the brain will “rewire” its nerves and such so it becomes more aware of something and revises what is in your habit patterns but that could take a few weeks to bring this ongoing awareness. During the few weeks that it will rewire itself and adapt its thinking, we leaders must be very deliberate in our awareness of the situation and factors.

There is another truly applicable & critical factor for which to be aware. It is a key truth, and it was recently brought out correctly by Magnolia Learning Academy in which they correctly said the following:

“A Child’s brain has the greatest neuroplasticity from birth – 4 years old. This is the Brain’s ability to Rewire, Learn and Grow. From 5 years old through adulthood the brain still has neuroplasticity but at a reduced rate!”

As leaders, we truly need to be aware of this truth in our operations and while we lead our teams. An approach that people often apply unsuccessfully, which they are unaware of is the Dysfunctional aspect of always going back to your comfort zone. I bring out the truth to many that we must realize that:


People who always return to their comfort zones make often incorrect assumptions and when it does not work out…they make excuses. The reader may be surprised at how many times I have heard a pilot instructor say, “Well the situation should have been this…”. Very often, the situation will not fill the picture of you or your team’s assumed scenario.

Neuroplasticity is what has your brain grow to enhance its awareness of what factors are different and how should your solution truly be applied correctly to meet radical success, increasing success & safety, and minimizing risk! But realize I offer this key truth:

“Development of Neuroplasticity for Success in an Unpredictable & challenging VUCA scenario


So let me offer you a couple of questions for you to consider as the team leader:

  1. In what ways must you enhance your Neuroplasticity to be successful in the real & current challenging situation?

  2. In what ways must you enhance your awareness of when you & your team are totally dependent on comfort zones and making dysfunctional excuses?

  3. Enhance your awareness of how you ar going to develop your application of Neuroplasticity and to develop the abilit of your team members to do this on their own as well?

Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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