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Rising Stars: To What Extent is Your Rising Star really Sold Out on Your Belief & Pride in Them?

For this issue, I want to point out one simple thought for you and it really deals with how you truly applaud or reward your Rising Stars. Are there times when you go buy an ice cream cone or something? Sure, but this is different and leads them better. Let me simply ask you this…….

Rising Stars:  Transactional Analysis
To What Extent is Your Rising Star really Sold Out on Your Belief & Pride in Them?

To what extent is your Rising Star sold on your belief in them?

Many readers realize I am part of Trinity High Trojan Talk where I work together with a teacher and once or twice a month I came by and speak to her class. The first couple of sessions there were 3 guys that set apart and hard their phones out and without being mad or anything I motioned to them and told them to put the phones down and join us and as I did, I also added by telling them the class needs you to be a part and needs your input”.

Interestingly, these young men have stepped up. As they were getting their snacks a few weeks ago, guys in the class were in front of the girls and one of those guys saw it and said, “Hey guys….let the girls go first” and they all let the girls in the class go first. I heard it and noticed it and walked over and held out my hand and as he shook it, I said at least loud enough so others could hear it as I said Hey man, I am proud of you for that and you absolutely have my compliments”.

One of the other young men that I had come over to the group responded with a key insight as I was asking questions to get them thinking. When he responded with the great thought I went over and shook his hand and commended him.

So, what is the difference? They have showed that when the leader believes in them and makes them feel it, they respond differently, more often and certainly better. It is a subtle way of building Synergy and getting the best from you people and this is true in Rising Stars.

I have also done this with my awesome Great Grandkids. There has been a number of times where I brought one of them right up to me and I just saidYou know, I want you to understand how PROUD I AM OF YOU for what you did? I made sure they understood why it was that and finished off with a big hug as I said, I am so proud of you”.

As a leader, when your ability to not overlook what they did and you readily acknowledge and praise the behavior, it will build a oneness, enhance their clarity through experience and will also facilitate similar behavior in the future. Remember, “What you reward, you get”.

Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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