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Rising Stars: Key to Discipline When Required!

For this blog I will point out a very simple but key thought that note only applies to Youth but can also apply to any Leader anywhere”.

Rising Stars:  Key to Discipline When Required!
Rising Stars: Key to Discipline When Required!

I am very proud of my nonbiological grandson and the daddy he is being for my two amazing great grandkids. Whenever I go spend time, he and I usually reserve just a few minutes to have some Pawpaw Grandson time. A couple of weeks ago as we related something that he learned a few years ago from our Associate Pastor when one time he was speaking. It was simply that the Pastor who is also my valued friend, spoke of how his father disciplined him when he was a kid. He said his dad had no problem spanking him when he needed it BUT right afterwards, he always pulled me close to him and hugged me and made sure I realized that his love was not about hurting him and that was separate from this and in fact even though there was some discipline, it is not to hurt you but to help you and his love would never die for him. He never forgot that.

Even when kids are in school, if they have to go to the corner of the room or something, Make sure they realize that your belief in them is beyond that and it does not mean you hate them or anything.

My Grandson described that lesson and told me “I have never forgotten that lesson I brought it into a key aspect of me as a father and I have made that part of who I am!” I expressed my pride in him and I also told him that is what my sister and brother in law did for their kids also.

He is now married again and they have a an amazing family and those kids are truly responding so well. This is a shorter lesson but realize this is not just about kids but can also be applied in your team. Many factors to that.

Are you aware of the factors…..and what you need to do?

Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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