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Rising Stars: Feeding Forward with Your Rising Stars!

For this blog, I want to simply include an aspect that I highlighted in the Faith Based Blog dealing with Feeding Forward. So often with kids we simply want to answer their questions perhaps because of our business or whatever.

Let me offer one very recent example from my 11 year old Great-Granddaughter. Last Monday, we all met for lunch and when we do, my Granddaughter and Grandson and I sit on the same side of the table so they can sit with Pawpaw.

Feeding Forward with Your Rising Stars!
Feeding Forward with Your Rising Stars!

Not only does she have developing leadership skills but she has also had awesome study habits because she wants to be a doctor. However, during lunch she said that she was thinking about doing massages instead because of her discomfort with dealing with blood. Well that is ok. I did not respond with a lot at the time.

However, as few days later I was talking to an exceptionally good friend who is a lady who does massages as her profession. She knows my granddaughter well and I mentioned to her what she said. She pointed out that most of the medical people she knows had to go through a step-by-step process of overcoming those feelings about blood. The feelings she was feeling were more normal than most right realize.

Well later that day, I texted my granddaughter and mentioned that I told the lady (who she knows and loves) about what she said Monday. I then told her what my friend said about those feelings being normal and many are able to overcome that discomfort and my granddaughter probably could too. I then told my granddaughter (in my text) thatI want you to realize that either are choices for you but whatever dreams and passions you have for your work, you have what it takes to accomplish it and I am proud of you”.

My great granddaughter texted back and simply saidOh, thx LOVE YOU

I simply leave this with you:

What do YOU Need to do differently to get off passivity with the kids and really Connecting with them and Feeding Forward as you mentor them?

- Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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