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Rising Stars: Authentic Questioning to Develop Your Youth!

For this blog, I want to follow on from my last blog and highlight 1 Key Aspect. The reader may remember that it included references to an article by Mitch Resnick that was entitled 10 Tips for Cultivating Creativity in Your Kids. I simply want to highlight a key aspect # 9 of his list of tips. It was simply:

Ask Authentic Questions: Questions will help them reflect and learn and gain enhanced clarity.

Faith-Based Leadership:  What Would You Say is your Real Basis for Trusting in The Desired Outcome?”
Rising Stars: Authentic Questioning to Develop Your Youth!

The reader is aware that I have several times pointed out the critical need for great questioning. Research shows that Neuroscience is becoming an increasingly vital aspect of coaching and I am very honored to be working on my PhD in Neuroscience. This adds critical importance to his phrase of Helping them Reflect and Gain Enhanced Clarity!”

I would like to add an insight that comes from Andy Stanley and his new Book entitled:

Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets”.

Andy points out a critical truth that there is a key importance between Good Questions and Good Decisions. Additionally, Andy pointed out a couple of truths. He pointed out that often his dad would ask him “Andy, what would you do if I was not here?” Andy would respond that “You are here” but his dad would challenge him to process, think and decide. Andy kept wanting his dad to just tell him but his dad would not jump in because he knew that would short change his son’s development and preparation.

Andy came to the realization that this was his dad’s way of teaching him to:

“Make his own decisions and be ready to live with the consequences of those decisions while at home…in other words developing himself while the Stakes Were So Low!”

This prepares the Rising Star to develop to be able to make the right decisions later in life when the Stakes are Higher.

In what ways may you be disconnecting your Rising Stars try development and Missing Opportunities…….and what do you need to be more aware of and how do you need to interact differently to prepare your Rising Star for radical success?

Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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