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One Great Question & The “So What” You Need for Working with Your Youth!

For this blog, I will highlight a very simple insight that ties the above idea of “So What” question that I pointed out in leadership, but I will tailor it to Rising Stars. Remember that the “So What” question points out the need to understand the real “WHY” behind factors and not just academic factoids. Understanding that the Why behind it makes true success more likely and opens up processing and decision making. Let me begin by pointing out 1 question offered by a listener on one of the PBNN radio episodes I was on.

On the Podcast Business News Network (PBNN) radio show 2 weeks ago, Coach Randy was asked this question by a listener:

“Is there an age that you have to wait until before teaching your youth leadership?”

I thanked the listener for a great question but then helped them sense that no there is not a minimum age but that it depends on you and the Rising Star. One the show I described this and told them that I have a picture on my desk that was taken way back when my Great-Granddaughter was only about 3 ½ to 4 years old. This is a good illustration, but I will conclude the blog by asking you a key question that can enhance your ability to do this effectively.

This picture is amazing because around 8 years ago we all went to a restaurant for dinner. As is usual back then, she would always sit on Pawpaw’s leg and lap while she ate. Well, this picture was taken by her dad sitting across the table when he saw it. In the picture, she is leaning around me with her arms bracing herself on the table and she was leaning around and looking around me with interest in her eyes. The picture shows me using my hands to hold her, so she did not fall but also, I was looking back to see where she was looking.

What one would not realize is what was driving that. She was looking back around me and as I looked back where she was looking, I asked her Sweetie, what are you looking at?” Without missing a moment, this little girl said:

“There is a Baby Crying”

And there was a baby crying with his/her parents well behind us in a booth. I took the moment and I applauded her for her Awareness and her developing Leadership that she showed her awareness but also her desire to make a difference and respond when needed and to help people.

Yes, I took the opportunity to also help her sense the aspect of “Doing it Wisely” and “Keeping her Awareness Up” making a difference but doing it wisely and safely. But I totally applauded her for what she was experiencing.

I shared this on the radio show without mentioning her name to show that if parents or Rising Stars leaders are aware of THE “SO WHAT” of the moment…much is possible, and a lot at an earlier age than one would realize. The minimum age to teach leadership is generally not as limiting as many might believe.

So let me ask you:

“What do you need to different to increase your awareness of the “SO WHAT” factors and Defining Moments in your Rising Star’s journey?

I will tell you that Magical things can happen at defining moments….


……..And often your Youth is Showing You the WHY…IF YOU ARE AWARE!

- Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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