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Faith Based Leadership: Key Definition of “Standing Up!”

For this blog, I offer a key leadership principle that is sometimes needed but when it is, it must be done right and ethically. It was brought up in a Faith Based aspect by Dr. David Jeremiah but when I heard it, I realized it is also a key Leadership insight. This insight comes from the historical story of David. David went into captivity in Babylon and spend his entire life there.

Faith Based Leadership: Key Definition of “Standing Up!”

As I point this out, I will say that there are 2 times in my career that I had to do this to managers above me. It is illustrated with the following quote from my friend and colleague Rubi Ho:

“Be able to hold your own and look anyone you encounter in the eye, regardless of their title or position!”

- Rubi Ho

Let me describe what is needed. In situations, many people will do many things to knock you off center or gain control of you. There are several reactions but only one is the right one.

Reaction 1 “Stand Down”: When someone confronts, the first reaction may be to “Stand Down”. A leader should never do this because this reflects simple Cowardice.

Reaction 2 “Stand Aside”: The second reaction is to “Stand Aside”. A leader should never do this because this reflects complete Compromise & Capitulation.

Reaction 3 “Stand Against”: The Third reaction is to “Stand Against”. The Image here is simply that you puff up your shoulders and chest and “go after” others. A leader should never do this because this reflects simply Contention.

These 3 are reactions a leader should never do because they do not get you or the team to succeed and they are totally negative.

The Right Reaction “Stand Up”:

The True Leadership reaction is that of “Stand Up”.

Standing Up exemplifies COURAGE & CONVICTION.

Dr. Jeremiah pointed out a couple of truths surrounding those that “Stand Up”, 3 P’S:

1. Leaders that Stand Up tend to get Promoted when people see your model. David was promoted by the King to some of the highest advisory positions around.

2. Leaders that Stand Up will be Persecuted by those that want to knock them down.

3. Leaders that Stand Up will also tend to be Protected. True leaders need someone who will tell the truth and they will protect those who do.

Let me ask you:

What do you need to do different to be STAND UP person but also to model and develop your people to be Stand Up team members?

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