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Avoid This Current Dysfunction that is Often Applied?

For this blog, I offer a critical insight of a key topic I included in a previous blog but takes it to a deeper understanding and current application; and clarifies that which leaders must be aware…and Avoid.

The reader may remember that in a previous blog, I brought from the Greek language 2 words that highlighted 2 sides of leadership: Truthful & Hypocritical.

It is the word from which we get “Hypocrite”.

Hypokrisis is defined as Jealous, Acting Out, Coward, Dissembling & Play-Acting.

The other word was about True Leadership.

AnupokritosUnfeigned, Without Hypocrisy, Upright, Authentic, Legitimate.

Let me illustrate that there are many people today applying Hypocrite in blatant ways and that unfortunately includes many religious organizations, but it also plays out in any area.

Let me first offer a key truthful insight that also brings Neuroscience Truth, and I will then offer an example of how this is played out today and it focuses on the use of one’s emotions. First let me say that it is true that when one knows that God is involved with what is happening, that can generate a positive emotional response. A key truth is very important and is understood by Authentic Leaders….

The truth of the Situation can drive the emotions…NOT the other way around!

The Hypocrites try to go the other way around which is not truthful. Unfortunately, what you see in some religious events today are that the speaker throws his/her arms up and yells and tells everyone to stand up and yell. They try to brag that these emotions are evidence of God’s presence in part to pat themselves on the back…. but it is not necessarily true. It is critical that God’s presence can drive emotions BUT, creating separate emotions does not prove His presence.


There is one very Dysfunctional key reason that many Hypocritical leaders try to drive emotions. Emotions knock one off center and they then become controllable. Many of religious speakers and others try to instill the emotions because THEY CAN THEN CONTROL YOU. They try to control you and make you experience that the only way you will support God is to send your money to only them and no one in your circle who may need help. They want all the applause and attention.

The One I serve was approached by a rich man who said that he obeyed all spiritual laws. He then told him “Sell what you have and give to the poor!” Notice He did NOT tell him to sell all and “give it to me so I can give to the poor”. He was challenging the rich man to take a step and make a real difference in his own journey and in his Circle of Influence.

Responding as He did, He modelled “AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP”.

Hypocrites allow Arrogant Self-Interested people to try to control others and they do it by generating emotions. This strategy is also truly applied in non-spiritual aspects.

Understand that the emotions come from the truthful facts of the situation…. the truthful facts do not come from the emotions; in other words, the other way around. Don’t let others use the reverse strategy to manipulate and control you through your emotions. True AUTHENTIC Leaders do not do that. I leave this for your consideration.

- Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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