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Faith Based Leadership: A Key and Central Faith Aspect that is often Misinterpreted in a Challenging Journey!

For this blog, I will share a key faith insight that has truly been a central and key part of my journey.  It is illustrated in my autobiography entitled “Bring Freedom to Potential: A True Story of Overcoming and Souring Above the Storms of Life!” which will be made public on Amazon very soon.  It is also a central truth in a journey of development that is often misinterpreted in people today.  Let me first point out a key central faith truth on which it is based.

The faith aspect is relevant to the One that I follow and comes from the book of Genesis, and it simply points out this key truth about growth and development in unpredictable situations.  To begin, let me offer the basic quote relating to challenging situations:

“You all meant this for evil…..but God meant it for Good!”

This can be very true in your professional journey and/or your personal journey.  So often we think this is bad and someone is against us…. although…God meant it for Good.  I will point out that this has been totally true in many ways in my life journey.  As I just mentioned, this is highlighted and exemplified in my Autobiography which is soon to be made public on Amazon. 

My true development has happened not by anyone telling me things but what I have learned by events and situations that came into my journey.  In my journey, I observed, and I experienced situations that developed the growth in me.  At times, those challenges taught me something about situations and sometimes, they had the value of developing me.  Other times, these situations truly developed me to apply strength, courage and calmness when needed.

I also offer this aligned quote which highlights the aligned truth:

“An experience is never a failure because it always comes to Demonstrate Something!”

-Thomas Alva Edison

When challenges come on scene in our journey, it is not a failure because it can really Demonstrate Something to us and our team.  This could be that it reveals an improved strategic path to get there, or it might point out that we need to grow a bit or develop and understand something we previously didn’t so that we can become much more.

In today’s world, people very often have a mindset of narcissistically controlling all of those around them so their focus sets aside how God may have meant it for good for us or our team. 

In Neuroscience awareness, when you follow that incorrect approach, you are totally controlled by the Norepinephrine aspect that drives fight or flight and it can often truly disconnect you from achieving Dramatic and Future Success.

This dysfunctional approach is only about controlling others whether it is not truly right, ethical, or successful for the future.  In applying this, the individual is accusing everyone else or the factors at play of being evil even if it is Not Correct because it is meant for good.  Many managers today are not even clear about the Real Potential and Good Value presented by the real situation. 

The Correct and Truthful Approach:

When you or your team are experiencing challenging factors coming on scene, realize that those factors may not be bad.  Realize that you must focus on the Processing part of your brain to see the radical success or a more successful path that could be presenting. 

Understand that faith may understand that the factors coming on scene may be very good timing for revealing something you or your team need to know.  Realize that there are a couple of key benefits in these types of scenarios.  These could include:

1.      The challenge can illuminate true Situational Awareness factors that neither you nor your team had clarity about.  Realize that this can cause you and your team to adapt the strategy in such a way that it moves you to a success level that is way higher than you would have envisioned at the beginning.

2.      It can cause your team…and you…to grow and develop to a higher level you never realized or envisioned.

3.      It can further develop your ability to be Proactive in your Strategic Planning and your Strategic Vision and help develop your Synergy and Oneness.

4.      As you adapt and demonstrate a higher level of this success, the results can be above expected success and be beneficial for those that observe you and your team.

5.      Witnessing it can greatly build Vision and Belief about what is possible in others.

Realize that while it may not be realized now, faith can help clarify that real challenging situations can be huge for unexpected success and growth and development in so many people. 


Let me offer a quote aligned with this truth from Coach Tony Dungy and Matt Crouch relating to our life & journey:


“How do you know you truly have faith unless….IT IS TESTED!”

                                              -Coach Tony Dungy & Matt Crouch


Let me leave you with a couple of questions:


1.      To what extent are you simply applying Dysfunctional Control Freak approach rather than the Successful one without realizing it?

2.      How is your clarity on how the situation is truly meant for GOOD, not evil?

3.      To what extent are you holding back your teammates’ True Growth, Vision, True Development and Future Success?

4.      What must you do differently for dramatic and unexpected success today and in the future?

Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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