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Faith Based Leadership: DISILLUSIONMENT and Overcoming?

For this blog, I offer a key simple insight that is critical, especially in an Unpredictable and changing environment. Let me first point out that in faith, this insight was modelled by the One that I serve throughout his life.

Let me start with a simple definition:

DISILLUSIONMENT – a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be.

Realize that when the definition says “Something”, that could refer to both the Journey and/or the Outcome. As you and your team pursue your journey and current initiative, realize that Disillusionment comes on scene and the leader must act in ways that many do not realize. The One I serve did and this truth was modelled many times throughout our military history on the battlefield.

When this is coming on scene, the play-acting mindset often has managers just point fingers and dictate & threaten their people. This is dysfunctional.

When such is coming on scene, there is a time when the leader must step out in front of his/her team and face the threat and encourage their team to follow as he/she steps forward and leads the way.

Many military examples exist of this but let me offer one example from recent military history. It involves the story of Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy. He was a SEAL leader on a reconnaissance mission that involved he and 3 other SEALs. This was also rooted in the story of 2nd Class SEAL Hospital Corpsman Marcus Luttrell the only survivor.

The key issue came on scene when the team was outnumbered and low on ammunition, and all had been wounded. The SEAL team was wounded, and it was not looking good. Lt. Murphy being wounded himself, stepped out in the open and went over to grab the radio and called for helicopter support. I learned that after he communicated the location and coordinates and such, he put the microphone up and was heard to tell the radio operator Thank You”. Right after he put the microphone down, he took bullets in the back and died. Because of what he demonstrated, he was honored and awarded the Medal of Honor.

One must realize that as a leader, there are times you don’t just point your fingers and dictate but rather, you must step out between your team and the risk and tell your team, Let’s go & follow me”. There are times when you must model and lead the way for your team.

Let me ask you:

  1. How do you need to change your approach when leading in a challenging and an unpredictable scenario is bringing Disillusionment on scene?

  2. What do you need to adapt your leadership, so you truly develop trust in your team so that when you step out front, they are willing to follow you?

I leave this for your consideration.

- Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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