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A Key Value Illustration the 3 Phases of My Development Journey.

For this blog, I will bring an applicable picture of VALUE from my journey representing what I covered in the previous blog describing the 3 phases of True Leadership Growth and Development. Last week on the Podcast Business News Network, we discussed this example, and I will mention it and the value here. Before I do, let me simply and briefly remind the reader of the 3 phases.

The 3 Phases simply are as follows:

  1. Preparation Phase: Remember this Phase is the time which in my life was 15 years and it is the time when we learn and develop as who we are.

  2. Isolation Phase: Remember that this Phase in my life was about 5 years. Some of the insights and lessons one needs to learn cannot happen when you are Wealthy or Rich and just have all you want.

  3. Validation Phase: Remember that this Phase in my journey has been about 40 years. The Validation Phase is focused on your Purpose and Destiny and the Journey to such.

On one Coach Randy Show episode on PBNN Radio, we focused on Rising Stars & the host, KC Armstrong, asked about Youth and Athletics and such and I shared a key story about my journey.

I described to him that I was a 3rd String Wide Receiver on our High School Football Team in my Junior year. I was 3rd String because the 2nd String Receiver had played football since Pop Warner early in his life. The 1st String Wide Receiver was an All City/County Receiver for 2 years. It was my first (and only) year.

After one practice session, a bunch of us were sitting down and a defensive player got up and started to walk towards the day but as he did, he looked at me and sarcastically said “Our Wide Receiver”. Immediately, the starting running back stood up and looked at him and said, “He just haven’t had his opportunity yet!” I did not get frustrated or upset at all and I was very centered inside. I also took note of real leadership exemplified by the running back. I have never forgotten the picture. A key part of my Preparation Phase and I Observed it, I Oriented it, Decided…and I Applied it to who I was becoming.

That developed me in awesome ways and prepared me for the 5-year Isolation Phase coming up. Also, the first years of the Validation Phase included many situations that needed that part of me to maintain the journey and to not quit when many others would have quit. As a result, I have overcome and achieved my dreams and in fact seems to be going way further than I would have ever imagined.

That part of my Preparation Phase and the Isolation Phase was absolutely critical to make me ready for the Validation Phase and some amazing results that I would never have dreamed of.

It does offer a couple of key questions that I offer for your consideration:

  1. What are you TRULY MODELLING for your Rising Star in their current Phase?

  2. How do you need to enhance your Clarity and Adapt your Modeling and your Approach to really Develop them at this Phase and really get them to their Dreams and Destiny?

- Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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