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True Leadership Insight verses a Dysfunctional Approach and the Origin of the Description.

For this blog, I want to provide 2 Visions about leadership. One is very critical and leads to true leadership and radical success for the leader and their team. The other is a very dysfunctional perspective that many have seen in our world today and it is more common than it should be.

For this blog, I will initially illustrate the dysfunctional approach and evidence of it. I will then conclude with a very Positive conclusion focusing on the True Positive Leadership Truth. To begin, let me point out these 2 Visions (1 Successful and 1 not) are rooted in images that in the English evolved from historical Greek words.

Dysfunctional Approach

To begin, let me highlight the dysfunctional image that comes from the Greek language. The word and its definition are from the word:

Hypokrisis – defined as Jealous, Acting Out, Coward, Dissembling & Play-Acting.

This word is from which HYPOCRISY in our English word is derived. This definition truly pictures someone who is on a stage and is simply Play Acting a part. They are not the character they are acting out but just play acting on stage. This truly characterizes a Hypocrite.

Many managers of teams today are doing the same. There are several reasons why they may play act in this. Just a couple of examples of the false purposes driving this.

  1. Many are only concerned with controlling everything and everyone with whom they come in contact, and they seek to push others “under them”.

  2. They do not really want to take on the effort and somewhat risk that leaders must want to take on.

  3. If one is simply acting out on stage, when the play doesn’t end perfect, they can make total excuses and cast blame on anything and everything else…failing to take responsibility.

Being a Hypocrite and simply play acting on stage IS NOT REAL LEADERSHIP and it does not develop you and your team to radical solutions & success. So that is the real Dysfunctional approach.

The True Leadership Insight

True Leaders do not just play act on stage. They develop and become real leaders. True leadership is who you become and what automatically shines from who you are. The true leadership words come from a different Greek word:

Anupokritos – Unfeigned, Without Hypocrisy, Upright, Authentic, Legitimate

Hypocrites try to have humorous times with people but the purpose is so they can dictate and control them. The Dysfunctional purpose is to get people to completely capitulate and depend on the Hypocrite so that he/she can truly control them. Realize that this is not hidden, and the people gain the sense of the control freak sense in the hypocrite.

True Leaders connect in a way that natural synergy is built because of what your team experiences and who you are; not so much what you simply act out. True leadership is not just a superficial academic picture. Never forget that people will get a deep sense of the fakeness of the play actor. Let me simply say,

True successful development and true radical success comes when you become the leader that is needed…not just a play actor acting out a fake part.

So let me simply ask you:

  1. Are you truly Being and Becoming…or just Play-Acting?

  2. What do you need to see and employ differently to bring True Leadership to your team and to your organization?

I simply offer this simple but critical Summary and a very key difference:

You are not a leader because you “Act Like One” ………but rather


- Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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