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The 3 Phases of the Real Pathway to True Development.

For this blog, I offer a critical insight that originates from the journey of Moses. I heard it introduced by Dr. David Jeremiah pointed it in a true Faith Based insight, but it is very critical to any level of Leadership Development.

Let me first point out the 3 sections of the journey. I will also briefly point out their application in Moses’ life and then point out how this has been a true picture of my own journey of development. Let me simply start with the 3 parts of the journey.

Section 1 – Preparation Phase:

The first part of the journey is the PREPARATION Phase. For Moses, it was the first 40 years where he was part of Pharaoh’s house and grew in a way that he learned and was trained. Through these 40 years he become a very Intelligent Man and he also became a real Leader & Warrior. After the 40 years here, because of some things that occurred, he had to move on to the Second 40 years.

Section 2 – Isolation Phase:

The Second Phase is where Moses had to leave Egypt and he travelled to Midian, and he actually married a wife and they had a family while he simply was a Shephard watching a flock of sheep for his wife’s father and spent 40 years doing this.

David Jeremiah pointed out this key insight:

“Sometimes the thing you need to learn and gain…cannot be learned or gained when you are Rich & Wealthy and seemingly in control.”

Then he was led to the 3rd & final Path and the final 40 years.

Section 3 – Validation Phase:

The final 40 years was Validation where the person he became through it all did what was in destiny for him. In Moses life it was when he spent 40 years taking his people out and leading them until they entered the promised land.

Realize that for each of us it will not be that amount of time because none of us really will live to 120 years but we each ae developed as go through each. Just let you have an example from my journey, my Preparation Path was 15 years. My Isolation Path was about 5 years, and my Validation Path has been about the last 40 years.

Realize that each Phase is an ongoing journey of Amazing Results and Development. I previously shared the Central Cultural Thread from our Martial Arts Dojo…and it is equally true in each of these Path Segments:

”As soon as you think you have arrived, it is solid proof that you have not!”

Let me offer 2 key points:

  1. All 3 paths require the leader to observe, orient and truly LEARN even through that part of the process…and then Apply correctly what the learned and became.

  2. I will also point out to the reader that I have seen all 3 of these paths in sequence in my life journey and I can talk more about this another time, but it is critical for developing leaders to truly understand and apply the learning from each Path. I will include some of these paths in my journey in the aligned Rising Stars blog on the newsletter.

Let me ask you:

  1. What do you need to do differently to truly sense clarity on where someone on your team is in this process?

  2. How do you need to adapt your leadership, so you connect with your team members with where they are in the journey?

  3. What questions do you need to encourage them and help them to move forward within themselves and reach radical results?

I leave this for your consideration.

- Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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