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Faith Based Leadership: Do You Seek a Way…or a Bridge?

For this brief blog, I offer a simple thought that is exceedingly important in a rapidly changing “VUCA” environment; the current and future business environment. It simply evolves from the story of the parting of the Red Sea. It is simply this thought; in this story, God didn’t create a bridge to go over the sea but rather parted the water to let them go through on dry ground; a Way Maker.

A WAY was provided….not a BRIDGE.

Do You Seek a Way…or a Bridge?
Do You Seek a Way…or a Bridge?

When you look at the current challenges in which you find yourself, we often want to simply bypass it or avoid it and there can be sometimes when that is a good strategy. However, there is often a better solution to go through it. Let me offer a couple of key aspects to this approach.

First: You the reader have probably heard the quote that points out “I have never met a highly successful person with an easy past.” Never forget that the challenge of “the waters” can mold us to become the person who will reach radical results. It can help us grow to who we need to be and it can point out to us those aspects for which we need to watch. It can also build confidence in us and adapt our Vision as to what is possible.

Second: However, there is also another critical benefit to walking through. Very often we can find ourselves in storms or turbulent water that we did not expect. However, we begin to realize that we have talents and even subtle benefits, that the people involved in it need to see. We bring insights that no one else did or we bring skills that encourage others to bring forth their talents to go through it. We ae walking through that towering water because we bring what is needed and others may need us to be there to have impact and to make a difference.

So let me ask you, as you look at your current challenging situation, it is easy to desire a bridge to just go over it. However, there may be a critical reason that you are there for success. So open up your Vision and bring clarity to it.

Are you desiring a WAY…..or a Bridge?

What should you be seeing?

What should you do….Really?

Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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