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Faith Based Leadership: Are you “Preparing for Rain”

For this blog, I wanted to ask the reader a simple question. Let me expand and base it on an interesting and truthful concept pointed out in the movie Facing the Giants.

If you are not aware of the movie let me describe a simple scene in the movie. The High School coach was in a tough situation and felt like a complete failure both professionally and personally because as he said “I don’t think God is doing anything with me here”.

Are you “Preparing for Rain”
Are you “Preparing for Rain”

The friend with whom he talked looked at him and simply told him (and I am paraphrasing) that there were 2 was defeated and had quit and the other was still watering his fields and trying to take care of his field. Which one do you think trusted God to send the rain? The coach told him the 2nd one. His friend looked him in the eye and simply said

Grant, which one are you?”

The coach changed his thinking and not only impacted the school and students but later on, they were in a championship game they were not supposed to win. Late in the game, the only option was to kick a field goal but it was a longer kick than the young kicker felt he could do. The coach talked to him and said you are my best option and encouraged him that God could help him do much more than he thought. He said

You are my best option”.

An assistant coach came up and said “he can’t kick that far” and the coach said “it is possible”. The assistant coach replied with “Grant, What are You Doing?” The coach said

I’m preparing for rain!”

It is a great story but I simply want to leave you with this simple idea. You see nothing is “absolutely guaranteed”. Many in today’s world are almost taught that if they get passionate enough it will happen and that is not totally true as there are external factors over which we have no control...although it is possible these factors may change in our favor at the exactly the right point. One cannot know.

What will give you the courage to take a step? “WHICH FARMER ARE YOU?” As you look at your journey, my key questions to you are simply:



Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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