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One Subtle Aspect of Building Trust Your Rising Stars!

For this blog, I will highlight a very simple insight and I will start by giving a picture from a “Walker Texas Ranger” episode that is very key. One episode had a vindictive Crime Boss who had a young son. To make a long story short the episode resulted in the Rangers capturing the Crime Boss father and his team and the crime boss father was laying on the ground handcuffed and one fight was finishing up. The young son picked up his father’s pistol and the father dictated to him to shoot the rangers and trying to force him to do so. After it was all over, the ranger walked up to the son, and he handed the pistol to the ranger. In furious rage & anger the father was yelling at his son and finally saidI trusted You! In complete calm and peacefulness, the son replied

Yeah dad……I trusted you also!”

One Subtle Aspect of Building Trust Your Rising Stars!
One Subtle Aspect of Building Trust Your Rising Stars!

I simply want to bring out one insight as you develop your Rising Stars. It simply involves the definition of Disillusionment. The definition is:

Disillusionment –

A feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be.

Realize that none of us are perfect. All of us can make mistakes. What we tell the Rising Star may not be exactly what we told them when they get to that point in their journey. If we only focus on what we want to be the truth, they may assume what we said but the factors may be different when they grow up. Also, their journey may look a bit different than they thought and may be more challenging than they thought. Are you developing your Rising Star to observe and be aware and to process effectively and make great decisions?

However, are we also preparing them to be courageous but also handle those times when their 10 - year plan doesn’t work out in exactly the way they hoped it would be. Realize that the factors may adapt, and their destiny may look different but sometimes even better than they would have dreamed.

Are you really preparing your Rising Star to be courageous in their Vision, Strategy and Passion…..but let me ask you:

Are you truly & successfully preparing them to minimize Disillusionment while they step forward to their Future Dreams?

If we do not do that well, there may come a time in their future and long after our time with them where our son or daughter says.”Yeah Dad (or Mom), I trusted you also”. Lead and develop your Rising Star so that this is not part of their future journey.

- Randy Swaim, Coaching for Relevance, LLC


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